10 Best Books for Inorganic Chemistry for JEE & NEET in 2022

10 Best Books for Inorganic Chemistry for JEE & NEET in 2022

Best Books for Inorganic Chemistry – Preparing for Physical chemistry, organic chemistry is a kind of a small hurdle in Chemistry that while dealing with boards but more efforts are always required to enhance the conceptual knowledge while getting ready to face the battle of Entrance examination.

Knowing the processing steps or phenomena in chemistry is not enough but also the deep reason behind it must be known to the students while preparing for competitive exams.

Once you know the reason you need to note it down wisely and cross-check with reference and all the notes you have. That’s how you can move the hurdles of chemistry, among them is the Inorganic part.

Inorganic Chemistry is a bit of a complicated genre for appearing in board exams as it scales out compounds containing carbon-hydrogen bonds, unlike organic chemistry, That’s why it is very much important to have the Best Books for Inorganic Chemistry that can help you in cracking JEE, NEET and other Competitive exams.

But sometimes inorganic chemistry helps in solving numerical and also helps for scoring compared to organic chemistry remembering name reactions and the reactions with different cases.

There are plenty of reference books; some have the contents residing only related to NCERT whereas some have both NCERT and have contents outdated or irrelevant to more information.

Some Best Books for organic and inorganic Chemistry solve numerical in 10 steps and some solve in 2-3 steps so it varies with the approach by both the student who grasps and the professor who breaks down the content in his book.

Even during my boards, I would waste long long hours to select books in my library and end up getting some outdated and if I wanted any good one they were out of stock and sometimes I wasted in figuring out which is the good one for my exam point or my needed one.

So scaling out some 10 best books for your inorganic chemistry to lessen your burden of selecting and wasting your precious time here we go.

Also you will find some inorganic chemistry books by indian authors.

Quick Ratings on 10 Best Books for Inorganic Chemistry

Inorganic Chemistry Books

Book Authors


Problems and Solutions In Inorganic Chemistry

Vishal Joshi

Modern Approach to Chemical Calculation

RC Mukherji

OP Tandon for Organic and Inorganic Chemistry

OP Tandon

McGraw Hill's Inorganic Chemistry

McGraw Hill

Abc Publications Chemistry Parts

Abc Publications

Errorless chemistry - NTA & NCERT


Arihant inorganic chemistry

Dr R K Gupta

Inorganic Chemistry for JEE Main & Advanced

K Rama Rao

Problems in Inorganic Chemistry for NEET or AIIMS

Vimal Kumar Jaiswal

Inorganic Chemistry by JD Lee


10 Best Inorganic Chemistry Books to crack Entrance Exams in 2022

1. Vishal Joshi Inorganic Chemistry Book for JEE Main and Advanced

In this book Each chapter has questions partitioned separately accordingly for JEE mains, JEE advanced, Previous year IIT problem, and NCERT related exemplar problem which contains a single correct objective answer, multi correct answer, comprehension type questions, assertion reasoning type, matrix match type, subjective and this is the full well-packaged book.

In this book the main attractive thing is the questions, the contents are separated accordingly for JEE mains then for JEE advanced which makes the center of attraction for a large population of students to pick this book.

Questions are exclusively crafted by one of the finest teachers of KOTA for INORGANIC CHEMISTRY. These Questions will get you a wild storm if you haven’t visited Inorganic Chemistry.

This inorganic chemistry book is one of my favorite and I recommend you at the end you decide to roll the dice.

2. Modern Approach to Chemical Calculation By RC Mukherji

This book has a good number of solved numerical which makes it easy for JEE and NEET preparation.

Many numerical are solved on the difficulty level and its variants.

The exercise given in the books is a typical standard that touches the peak standards of JEE and NEET.

It has Multiple choice questions that are solved.

This is one of the Best inorganic chemistry book for beginners that has problems that can help you to test whether you are prepared for the examination, which justifies your level.

3. OP Tandon for Organic and Inorganic Chemistry

The Best Books for inorganic chemistry for jee mains and advance is serving dual purposes, as it has both organic and inorganic part but our ultimate talk is on the inorganic genre.

It is highly recommended by the toppers of various colleges who have referred this chemistry dual bible apart from NCERT contents.

The limitation or disadvantage of this OP Tandon Reference Book is that it has new content to learn about inorganic chemistry but it doesn’t contain questions for practice for preparing for exams.

4. McGraw Hill

This book has covered its main important concept in a swag manner, Which has compact content and that’s been useful for students and its fastest and highly sold book over e-commerce sites.

The concept is like a movie script which makes you a bit scared but after several revisions, it looks like the outcome of your dream film.

Many recommend that even my professor used this to solve inorganic and organic chemistry numericals and also clear doubts according to this reference book.

5. Abc Publications

It’s Abc publication not Abd, so many people around have given a bad review over this book, but never believe as the true achiever or the aspirant will never judge this book as guilty.

As this book has the power to stop the infinity war pardon it’s worth referring to this book so you can solve your infinity trouble for your inorganic chemistry battle.

My friend referred this for 11th and 12th and this best inorganic chemistry book for IIT JEE also fetched him to gain good grades in JEE mains and NEET.

He strictly used it wisely so it helped throughout his 2 years.

The difficult fact for students is that they need to study NCERT line by line and refer to this book, or if you do glance at NCERT and refer to this book it would not help you clear the JEE advanced.

As JEE advanced exam here the concepts of the subject are tested so please go through NCERT as if you are watching and understanding Hollywood movie plots.

So my humble request is to mug up and understand inorganic chemistry ncert books before you choose the bigger weapons like ABC publication.

But my request is to borrow or buy or whatever ABC publication is the must for your war.

You won’t regret this.

6. Errorless chemistry

Yeah, the Errorless Chemistry book by NTA is kind of helpful in the preparation of NEET, AIIMS, and other medical exams.

The book has a comprehensive set of questions and answers based on current trends in the NEET, AIIMS, and other Medical Exams.

My personal opinion is that it’s not enough for jee.

Errorless chem is obviously good for jee main but it doesn’t work according to my friends who faced a bit of a glitch when connecting with the contents of this book.

7. Arihant inorganic chemistry

One of the best Inorganic chemistry books for the preparation of JEE.

This book is not that important for your JEE mains preparation but for JEE advanced it would be bingo turns, yeah It will be helpful.

It has a great franchise, that is it has a long series and it’s not that easy to complete. That’s the biggest clashing problem and awful thing of this book that I personally believe, of course, we can complete watching the Dark series within a week but this is kind of hectic.

8. Inorganic Chemistry for JEE Main & Advanced Volume1

Book by Rao, Rama K. is the best chemistry book for clearing JEE Main and JEE advanced that I prefer for those who are preparing for IIT or neet. You have exercised with hints and each and every lesson has the key points of the whole lesson.

It has a conceptual approach towards the content and numerical which can exhaust you.

It has 2 volumes and it has many problems like other books but it has a different approach and also there are difficult problems related to JEE AND NEET.

9. Problems in Inorganic Chemistry for NEET or AIIMS, BY Vimal Kumar Jaiswal

This is the best book out there for NEET, AIIMS, or even JEE.

The book contains questions for every concept given in the NCERT and the book has a good amount of questions and covers every bit.

All the previous year’s related questions are given separately and the previous year’s questions are framed very well in the book according to the needs of students from different examinations.

Big thumbs up as it has 19 years of examination questions so it’s a great step towards hanging out with this book as you will learn a lot of it.

It also has questions related to the 21st-century medical examination.

10. Inorganic Chemistry by JD Lee

The last contestant on our 10 best inorganic chemistry books list is Inorganic Chemistry by JD Lee.

The main quality of this book is that the questions for your entrance exams are directly picked from this book as my friends were shocked after this mysterious activity by this book.

Most of the time you get doubts related to the NCERT so this is best to refer to and it has an easy way to access and solve you in a smooth manner.

Most students and professors prefer this book and it’s the dearest one as it doesn’t contain any irrelevant thing and it gives a direct picture to your doubts or problems in your studies.

The surprising thing is the way the book gets adapted to JEE syllabus so it’s a unique way.

For JEE Mains, the previous papers are more than enough in this book.

Worth buying this book it’s easily accessible from any e-commerce platform.

Conclusion on 10 Best Books for inorganic chemistry in India 2022

ALL these 10 best inorganic chemistry books have a weightage on its own basis so before you jump to it do well with NCERT so you can easily ride this other reference books, so NCERT is the solution for everything sometimes you wouldn’t realize about it at the beginning but soon you should get infected with NCERT as things occur from it.

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