You are currently viewing Top 12 Best Non-traditional Female Jobs that Pay Well in 2022

Top 12 Best Non-traditional Female Jobs that Pay Well in 2022

Non-traditional female jobs – Non-traditional jobs are something where an individual needs to be well-skilled where they are dignified with a particular position and have a dignified payment based on their skill. These non-traditional jobs are quite tedious to join. Once you gain particular years of experience then you are paid more and your remuneration increases according to their experience.

Non-traditional jobs can be automotive service, civil engineering, landscape, police foundation, office administration, personal support work, tourism, event management, digital photography, practical nursing, and many more.

There are many well-defined definitions of non-traditional but we have tried to keep the article simpler so every reader can read and understand it easily.

Non-traditional jobs are highly paid for women. Deeper examples of Non-traditional female jobs which we have in our list are Detective agent or Special agent, Architect, Chef, Barber, Computer programmer, Technician, Construction and Building inspector, Railroad Constructor, Machinist, Truck driver, Firefighter, Pilot, Carpenter, Electrician, Mason, Small engine mechanic and many more.

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Top 12 Best Non-traditional Female Jobs that Pay Well in 2022

There is a wide opportunity where women can roll a dice for finding a job in the Non-traditional sector. Film director, bookkeeper, child care worker, cosmetologist, hair stylist, librarian, or assistant teacher. cashiers, scientists, mechanics, and mathematicians are some of the best Non-traditional female jobs in 2022.

So we shall deal with the above points in detail one after another which can help you if you are thinking of landing in Non-traditional job.

1. Film directors

Many Successful films in Hollywood are directed by the Women Directors like Greta Gerwig, a ‘Little Women’ Director, then Nomadland Movie directed by Chloé Zhao, etc. Now there are many big production houses all over, despite bigger production houses there are smaller production houses. Now film direction is something art or talent which is a unique factor residing among the people. Film direction is also a part of non-traditional jobs. This field is rarely chosen but if you work with pure content and full passion then you can make good earning. along with earning you can make good fame in the respective industry.

Moreover, many dreams to land in this job but their dreams never come true. If you are thinking, make sure you have something unique to narrate and showcase. The remuneration depends on the success rate so your creativity will pay you back in this field.

2. Book Keeper

So we shall discuss the second non-traditional female jobs. If you are in the wrong myth or misunderstanding the keyword bookkeeping, then don’t worry I will explain it to you in an easy way. The job of a bookkeeper is to provide an accurate and quick update of financial information about the business now and then. This information from the financial report helps the managers of big corporate companies to take proper decisions before any uncertain situation.

This job requires great patience and one should know how to handle and give proper information to the corporate body.

3. Child Care Worker

Our next option in the non-traditional FEMALE job category is a child care worker. You might feel this weird and bottom-level job but these jobs are charging more to their client. Here the workers of white collar jobs can’t look after their children and take responsibility for their child’s education. In such scenarios, these child care centers have been accomplishing the duties of parents by providing proper guidance to the children with great care.

So if you are comfortable spending time with kids or children rather than a 9-5 job then you can walk into this job.

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4. Cosmetologists

The Next non-traditional jobs for female is Cosmetologists. The job description of Cosmetologists is to perform cosmetics and relax the skin of the body. Now there you might find local Cosmetologists too, but they are not skilled enough that you may rely on them and hand over the body.

So some look into professional Cosmetologists, Because reason is they have a creative mind, knowledge of cosmetic products, good communication, and more importantly they care about the time of their clients if you are thinking to join this non-traditional job then get into it.

5. Hair stylist

Our next category in non-traditional jobs is a hair stylist. Now, this is also an evergreen field where the person can provide their service to their clients.

You can open your Hair styling Parlour where you can continue your service and build your brand.

6. Librarians

If you are a book worshipper or book lover and thinking to be a part of the world of books then our next category in non-traditional Female jobs is a librarian. The responsibility of a librarian includes hiring employees, getting new books from publishers, and many interesting things like creating awareness about any important thing that can be carried out through librarians.

7. Assistant teacher

The next non-traditional Job for women is an assistant teacher. If you have good communication or a good knack to control the crowd and inculcate them, then this job can be great for you. Many teachers complain that they don’t find growth in this field. I’m surprised too if you think this fact is true let us know.

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8. Accountant

An accountant is someone who knows the entire history and upcoming changes of that corporate body. An accountant is responsible for helping the company in making critical decisions. So the role of an accountant makes a lot of difference and is important to the working sector. If you are thinking about this job then it’s a great start.

9. Scientist

Our next job in a nontraditional sector for women is a scientist. This takes a lot of time to frame this position. But you must work passionately so that your work gives society something more useful and resourceful.

10. Mechanic

The next job in the nontraditional sector is mechanics. Most people feel it’s related to motor repair, but the word mechanic has a deep meaning that has a deep connection with machines. The molding, the rallying of windows or grills of your balcony, and even the machines for various uses are framed by mechanics. There is a huge scope of mechanics in industries.

11. Civil engineer

The next job in our nontraditional job is a civil engineer. Civil engineers are wiser than an architect. An architect can make the most beautiful vision into reality but to keep that reality more strong and more stable then a civil engineer comes into the picture. So if you want to be the pillar for that visual then be a civil engineer.

12. Computer Science or Software Engineer

The most familiar part where most people enter in IT SECTOR. The next job in the nontraditional sector is computer science engineer or software engineer. If you want any new thing to be digitalized or make things simple then software engineers are the best. The colorful games and the visuals of movies are just bought up by this software engineer with their extraordinary software.

Pros and Cons of Non-traditional Female jobs


  • If you are working in a Non-Traditional field then your chances of getting successful are very fast.
  • You will earn a higher salary than the worker working in a Traditional Job.
  • You will get more attention from companies and society.
  • There is no end to these Non-traditional Careers.
  • If you are women working in an Non-traditional Job, then the pay is typically much higher in careers where men dominate
  • Job Satisfaction.


  • The Biggest Con of Non-Traditional jobs is the lack of recognition. This is the major challenge faced by most of the workers working in the Non-traditional field. Because this is the field where everyone may not get the same level of recognition.
  • Lack of Mentors.
  • Another Major Con of Non-traditional female jobs is the lack of cooperation from their male coworkers in professions that have traditionally been male-dominated.
  • Most of your Families will not support you.

Conclusion on Non-traditional female jobs

Now, these are a small list of jobs in non-traditional sectors where you can enter with minimal or maximum skill. This article may be helpful if you are thinking of choosing which field is good. So take your time and select a good field rather than regretting it in the future. Thankyou.

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