You are currently viewing Clickmeeting Review 2022 | Complete Guide on Webinar, Pricing, Features

Clickmeeting Review 2022 | Complete Guide on Webinar, Pricing, Features

In this Clickmeeting Review, I will share with you all the things that you should know about this famous and easy-to-use Webinar software or App Clickmeeting.

I’ll discuss whether it is the best or the worst meeting software to use for small businesses, Business Webinars, or to take online classes.

If you need a Webinar solution or looking for the best meeting app at very low pricing then this article is for you keep reading this Clickmeeting Review.

I will guide you with all the features you will get in this software, which are free and some paid, then let you decide if this Clickmeeting is worth your time.

Let’s get started.

What is Clickmeeting Webinar?

Clickmeeting is a browser-based webinar and meeting platform for small businesses or organizations. Loved by Hundreds and thousands of people around the world.

I have read many reviews on different webinars or meeting platforms like Zoom, Live webinars, Webex, etc. But the Clickmeeting Reviews is different from them. It has many features present in it which I will explain below so make sure to read till the end.

This is one of the best web-based solutions for Teachers, Marketers, Startup companies, to run a live webinar with just one click.

Clickmeeting covers the entire meeting process from preparation to presentation.

Here is a quick review on Clickmeeting various types of events or webinars you can manage:

1. Live Webinars

It helps you to Create your live event with up to 25 attendees.

Here you can schedule the date and time of your event or create a permanent conference room and interact with your audience in real-time.

2. On-demand

If you are busy with some work but you have to run an event or webinar then this option helps you to share your Pre-recorded event and let your audience watch it anytime. If you want you can enrich your recording with another video file and a CTA button.

3. Automated Webinar

Now Create an automated webinar with your event recording, video, survey, and a CTA. Set up a specific date and time and run your event on autopilot. Maximum length of an automated webinar for free accounts is 15 minutes.

4. Planned Meeting

Schedule an online meeting with up to 25 attendees. Plan and run a video conference with your team, colleagues, customers, or business partners.

5. Meet Now

Organize an online meeting with up to 25 attendies. Meet with your Customers, Collegue, Team members, Now.

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Does Clickmeeting webinar required Installation?

This question has been asked many times, that is, does clickmeeting require installation? Because we know that installation requires more storage and Resources.

So let me tell you Clickmeeting has both browser-based platforms and has its apps available on Playstore.

It is left to you, whether you want to download clickmeeting and install it on your desktop and mobile or You can directly access their browser tool.

You just need an internet connection and an account on Clickmeeting website to run an event.

How to Register on Clickmeeting?

Clickmeeting Review

The registration process on this Meeting platform is very easy and free. As you can see in the above image, You will get two options to create an account or Sign Up on Clickmeeting webinar software.

  1. By adding Your Name, Email address, Password, and Account Name(The name which you want to show in your webinars or meetings and links).
  2. Best and the easy method which I use is Sign Up with Google. The only thing which you have to do is enter your Gmail account. That’s it.

After Sign Up you will get a verification message from Clickmeeting on your Gmail account, you have to click on that link to confirm.

Finish! your account is ready now.

How to Download Clickmeeting desktop app and install it?

To download the Clickmeeting app in your desktop or PC follow these steps:

  • Go to Google search and type Clickmeeting app download.
  • You will see the link of their website click on it.
  • There you will get two options: 1. Download for MAC OS and 2. Download for Windows.
  • You have to select the option in which you want to download the software.
  • It will start downloading.
  • After the download is finished you have to go to My Computer>Downloads>find the file you have downloaded>click on it and install.

If you want to download Mobile app then just go to Playstore search clickmeeting and install it.

In this Clickmeeting Review, i hope you have understood how to download the clickmeeting desktop and mobile app.

Review on Clickmeeting Website interface

Once you have Sign Up for Clickmeeting webinar, the next they will ask you to log in again. and once you logged in the first screen that you will see is this:

Clickmeeting Review

You can see how this website is well-designed, easy to Understand, and laid out well.

In the above header beside the logo, you will get the most important parts of Clickmeeting software that is the Navigation Menus or the tools that link to different features of the websites.

For me, this is one of the best Meeting software I have ever used, because it is very easy to operate and run an event or live webinar.

Although, you don’t need any technical skills or knowledge to understand this software and create an event. Everything is so clearly visible on the screen.

Also if you are new to this website and don’t know anything then don’t worry they will help you to get started in 3 easy steps as you can see in the above image.

Clickmeeting Review – Webinar or Software Features

Now we are at the most important part of this clickmeeting Review that is what are the features we get in this platform? and How to use it? Let’s see it one by one.

In the top bar you will get these options:

1. Dashboard

It is nothing but the homepage of your account.

2. Timeline

If you want to run an event or webinar in the future, then this timeline option will help you to schedule that event.

3. Statistics

This feature helps you to see the details of the event and number of people who attended the meeting. Also there is an option to download the statistics after your event ends.

4. Storage

This is another important and best feature you will get in this Clickmeeting webinar that is Storage. Here you will get 3 Options, they are My files, Recordings, Chat and Q&A logs.

Let us discuss these three in detail:

  • My files – Here you will get to upload the documents, files or videos you want to share with your attendies during webinar or an event. Once uploaded you can easily share them anywhere in the world.
  • Recordings – You will see this option in almost every online meeting platforms, where you will get the option of recording your meeting and then download it in your computer.
  • Chat and Q&A logs – You can see that chats of the people who attended your meetings.

5. Contacts – In this feature you can add the contacts of the people who you want to attend the meetings and webinars conducted by you.

You can create your group, Can see the people who have registered for your future meetings, Also you can get to know who all have attended the webinar.

6. Knowledge Base – If you are facing any difficulty running an event or want answer for the question which you are not understanding in this Clickmeeting Software then you can go to Knowledge Base option and there you will get lots of questions and answer regarding Clickmeeting tutorials, Infographics, video tutorials, Privacy and security, etc.

ClickMeeting Performance & Compatibility features:

  • It requires low bandwidth to run an event.
  • High quality video and audio.
  • Mobile support.
  • Available for both Windows and ios.
  • Can be used in multiple browsers like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.

More Features in Clickmeeting App or Software

Invite Modes

Clickmeeting provides amazing and different types of invite modes to invite the attendees Via:

  • E-mail – You can manually add emails of all your attendees in their copy and paste email tool, and this will help you to send the mails quickly in one click.
  • SMS – If you want you can copy the webinars link and send it separately.

Not only this, you will get an attractive email template when you choose to send invite via email.

Registration Forms

Clickmeeting Review

Imagine You have a Youtube channel or a Website where you provide information on How to do blogging? and you are planning to do a live webinar on blogging on the clickmeeting platform, But don’t have emails of people who would like to attend your webinar.

At that time we need Registration forms to collect emails of the people who are interested in our webinar.

Clickmeeting lets us create these Registration forms. and using this anyone can pre-register for the event.

Event Automation

I am sure that you will not get this feature on any other webinar platform where you can easily publish or Auto stream your event on your social media like the Facebook page and Youtube channel.

Clickmeeting pricing – Paid or Free to use

I know that in this entire Clickmeeting Review you are looking for the price of this Software. So let’s talk about it?

When you first sign up on this click meeting you will get a 30 day free trial for all its plans! No credit card is required.

But after a month when your free trial plan ends you have to pay the price to get access to this amazing Webinar platform.

Have a look at Clickmeeting pricing:

So let me explain to you about the pricing.

There are two types of plans you will get in Clickmeeting they are:

  • Live Plan – In the live plan you will get all the features you need to run efficient online business meetings and live webinars.
  • Automated Plan – In the Automated plan you will get all features and integrations from the Live plan powered up with an automation Webinar cycle.

The pricing depends on the number of attendees and Billing period. As you can see in the above image there are two options given that are to choose the Number of attendees and choosing the billing period.

Example to help you understand easily:

The number of attendees shown in the above image is 25 and in the billing period I have chosen Monthly, so for this, I have to pay US$30 for the Live plan and US$45 for the Automated plan per month.

But If I choose the Annual billing period then I will get a 20% discount on each plan. i.e, I have to pay US$25 for live and US$40 for an Automated plan.

This is not a fixed amount; the pricing will increase with the increase of attendees.

In my opinion, if you are interested in this then I recommend you to buy choosing Annual billing period, as it will give you a 20% discount.

Clickmeeting Review – Pros and Cons

Before ending the Review on Clickmeeting let me share my experience on this online meeting platform where I will discuss with you what I liked and didn’t like about this Clickmeeting Webinar browser or App.


  • Easy to Use.
  • 30 Day free trial after you create an account.
  • Lots of features than other web meeting platforms.
  • Not expensive.
  • No Required Installation.
  • Available in different languages.
  • High quality of Video and Audio.


  • No proper Customer Support.

FAQ on Clickmeeting Review 2022

1. Can you record a Clickmeeting?

Yes, Of course you will get an option to record the event or webinar you conduct on clickmeeting, and once the event is over you can download it.

2. Is ClickMeeting app free?

After signing Up for the first time you will get a 30 day free trial but once this trial ends you have to pay for using this Clickmeeting platform.

Conclusion on Clickmeeting Review

At the beginning of this Clickmeeting Review, you had a question in your mind that, Is Clickmeeting the best webinar software in the industry?. But now I think I have cleared your doubt.

According to me, this Software is good as it offers all the features you want.

If you still have any questions related to Clickmeeting then you can freely ask them in the comment section below.

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