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How to Check Amazon Gift Card Balance Without Redeeming in 2022

How to Check Amazon Gift Card Balance Without Redeeming – Amazon Gift Cards are the best way to save money while Buying Amazon Products. If you want to give a gift card as a present to someone you can easily buy a gift card on amazon and send this gift to your Friends/Family. Purchasing an Amazon gift card for someone is a convenient way to send them money, Also it is one of the smart payment methods for budgeting if you’re a frequent Amazon shopper.

Now consider If you have purchased an Amazon gift card for someone but don’t know what is the price of that gift card or how much is the gift card balance, then you can easily check your balance through Amazon chat support.

The Complete Guide on How to Check Amazon Gift Card Balance without Redeeming is given Below. This Guide will take you to step by step process on how you can easily check the balance.

How to Check Amazon Gift Card Balance in Computer or Laptop

1. To Check Your Amazon Gift Card Balance on your PC or Laptop, First Sign in to your account.

2. Then Go to your account Section as shown in the image below.

Check Amazon Gift Card
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3. After that, you will see a list of different navigation menus and in that list, you will find a Gift Cards Section shown in the above image, Click on that menu and you will be navigated to your Gift Card Section, where you can check your amazon Gift Card Balance.

Check Amazon Gift Card
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Check Amazon Gift Card
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4. Here you can also Redeem your Gift Card to buy amazon Products, or Reload it by buying some amazing Gift Cards.

Now This is How you can check your amazon Gift Card Balance without redeeming.

How to Check Amazon Gift Card Balance Without Redeeming in Mobile

1. Now if you want to Check your Amazon Gift Card Balance on your Mobile, Just like above The first step is to open your Amazon App.

2. The next step is to go to your Account Section as shown in the image below.

Amazon App Amazon App

3. After going to your account section you will find a big list of menus, you have to scroll down to Amazon Pay Section, and in that section, you will find Add Gift Card to your Balance Menu, Just Click on that Menu and it will navigate you to your gift card Page.

4. And there you can see your Total Amazon Pay Balance. If you want you can add a Gift Card to your account if you have any Gift Card Coupon Code.

Check Amazon Gift Card Check Amazon Gift Card

How to Check a Physical Gift Card’s Balance Without Redeeming

If you want to check the Physical Gift card Balance on amazon, then there is a long process for this, but don’t worry I will guide you in finding your Physical Gift card balance.

So the first thing to do is, you have to Claim the Gift card code that is given in your physical Gift Card which is in your hand.

The Code is the 14 or 15 digit code on the back of the card. If you have a physical gift card, you may need to scratch the protective coating that covers the claim code to find it.

Once you got the code the next step is to sign in to your Amazon account and Search for the word Help and Customer Service. To do this, click on the search bar at the top of the screen, type Help and Customer Service, and then press Enter.

Now here is your main Job where you have to Initiate a chat with a customer support agent.

Send a message to the customer Support Agent that says find the balance of a gift card without redeeming it. When the chat opens, it will open to a bot rather than a representative.

If you type this sentence into the chat and press Enter or Return, this will get you through the bot and directly to a customer service agent.

Now here you need to provide the claim code to the Customer support agent and request them to provide the Gift Card balance. The support agent will be able to check the balance of the associated card and provide it to you without redeeming the card.

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I hope this Blog has helped you to check your Gift Card Balance. These were the best methods to find out what is your gift card balance. If you still have any doubt related to Gift Cards or Amazon, then feel free to contact me.

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