How to Stop Laptop from Overheating in 2022 | Tech Tips

How to Stop Laptop from Overheating in 2022 | Tech Tips

How to Stop Laptop from OverheatingThe reason why I wrote this blog post on Laptop overheating is that a few days back I lost my Dell laptop due to Overheating. Yes! You read it correctly, because of Overheating my previous laptop’s internal components, like Air vents, Fans, Hard drive got damaged, and there was no other way to make it good.

Actually, What happened, I used to use my laptop for a long time, on soft things like Sofa and Bed, I didn’t have a particular table for it, and there are some other reasons too, that I will discuss further in this article, due to which my laptop was overheating and shutting down while playing games, watching movies, or while doing work.

I think you also have experienced this kind of problem, that’s why you are here searching for the answer to the question How to Stop Laptop from Overheating?

Don’t worry, I will solve your problem and share with you those Top 11 Best ways to fix laptop overheating problems, that I have executed after bringing my new Lenovo laptop.

What are the laptop overheating symptoms?

According to Hampshire College, the temperature of the Laptop must not exceed 35 degree celsius. Then How to identify the sign of your laptop Overheating?

Here are some of the signs your laptop gives to you if it is getting heated more than required:

  1. Your laptop hangs for some time.
  2. Apps and software will stop working.
  3. Your mouse and keyboard will hang or stop responding.
  4. A laptop fan will make a loud sound.
  5. Sometimes the laptop will shut down unexpectedly.
  6. When you put your laptop in sleep mode, The laptop fan will still be making a loud noise.

How to stop laptop from overheating – Best Ways

1. Using Laptop under cool Temperature

The first and the working step to stop your laptop from Overheating is, I always prefer to use my laptop in an air-conditioned or cool area, as it allows your system to cool down and prevent it from Overheating.

And if you use your laptop under a heating area, then that laptop will soon catch fire.

2. Buying Laptop Cooling Pads to Stop Laptop from Overheating

This surely needs investment, but investing a few dollars in buying the best laptop cooling pad will help you in saving thousands of dollars.

Now you may have a question in your mind, that How does the Laptop Cooling pad works? The cooling pads have cooling fans placed inside them that start blowing cool air to your Laptop whenever it overheats.

Do Laptop cooling pads really works?

Yes, Laptop cooling pads have the power to drop the temperature of your Overheated laptop for up to 30 degrees Celsius.

But you have to do a lot of research in finding the best laptop cooling pads, as they are not easy to find.

And if you don’t have money to buy it, then the best way to cool down a laptop without a cooling pad is to place something hard under your laptop, such as a Desk, Table, etc.

But remember one thing, never use any soft things like Pillows, Sofas, Bed, because the vents placed on the bottom of your laptop will be blocked, which can result in fire.

3. Raise your Laptop

Stop Laptop from Overheating

Keep a small Book or any hard material below your battery, make it like a laptop stand that slightly tilts the laptop upwards from the back, as shown in the image above, which will further result in a gap between your desk and laptop bottom. This allows the air to flow under the laptop keeping it cooler and stop the laptop from overheating.

4. Downloading Laptop Cooling Software

You will find lots of software that helps in cooling down your laptop heat generated by the Central Processing Unit. Here you have to download and install the software on your PC.

If you are looking for the best laptop cooling software for windows 10 or Windows 8 then there are Two most famous software:

  1. Speedfan
  2. i-Cool

5. Stop Laptop from Overheating by Servicing

The next step and the most important step is laptop servicing. If you know how to do servicing then it will be great and Money saving, and if you don’t then I suggest you visit the nearby Laptop showroom or service center and tell them about your laptop Overheating problem and ask them to do complete servicing.

This is just a 30 Minutes process where the service provider removes the battery and back cover of the laptop using a proper size screwdriver.

After removing they use some buds to clean the dust present in your laptop Fan, because most of the time this overheating occurs just because of the dust present in your fan, and they also check if there are any other problems.

So I suggest you service your laptop every 2-3 months.

6. Close programs that are not in use

This is one more reason for laptops overheating, which is keeping unused programs or tabs open. This puts pressure on the CPU that further results in heating.

So make sure to close the unuseful programs before starting a new program.

7. Shutdown when not in use

Most people have the habit of keeping their laptop in sleep mode by typing Windows+L, when not in use. I too had that habit, and that habit damaged my Dell laptop overheating.

Yes, this is the truth that most people don’t know. Keeping a laptop on sleep when not in use, can increase the temperature of your laptop because the laptop keeps working in the background.

So make sure to shut down after use.

8. Lowering the brightness of Laptop

This is also one best way to stop laptop from overheating.

9. Uninstall waste apps and Software

Don’t keep waste apps and software in your laptop that are not in use, uninstall them and remove their file from your database.

10. Check for Updates

Stop Laptop from Overheating

Stop your laptop from overheating by updating windows.

11. Remove Battery

Whenever you feel that your laptop is overheating, at that time just shut it down and remove the battery from the bottom of your laptop and take a break until it is completely cooled down.

Prevent laptop from overheating using these Tips

Here some amazing Tips that will help you to prevent your HP, ASUS, Dell Laptop Overheating.

  • Clean your Vents every month.
  • Always place your Laptop in a flat, and sturdy surface like table.
  • Choose the Cool room to use Laptop.
  • Use Cooling pad,
  • Remove any other objects or items that are too close to your laptop vents.
  • Keep your windows up to date.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What happens if your laptop keeps overheating?

– If you have a laptop that keeps overheating then it can cause damage to your internal components like Vents, Hard disk, battery, sometimes overheating can lead to laptop exploding.

2. Why does my laptop overheat and shut down?

– The main reason for laptop overheat and shutdown is the dust present in your Air vents, which blocks air coming out from fan.

3. Is it normal for laptop to get hot?

– Yes, it is a normal thing that laptop to get hot, but too hot is not normal, it will damage your laptop completely. So I suggest you not to use the laptop that overheats.

4. What to put under laptop to keep from overheating?

– Placing Cooling pad can help you stop your laptop from overheating.

5. Is it bad if a laptop overheats?

– Yes, it is bad.

6. Can a laptop catch on fire if it overheats?

– Yes, it can catch fire, but rarely.

8. Do laptops overheat on beds?

– Yes, laptop overheat on beds.


Lastly, I just want to tell you that make sure to follow the steps carefully on How to stop your laptop from overheating, and I am 100% sure that these tips will help you to fix your laptop overheating problem easily.

If you still have any questions regarding laptop Overheating then feel free to contact me, or you can ask your question in the comment section below.

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