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Is Foap Legit in 2022? Can you actually Make Money on Foap?

Is Foap Legit in 2022? – If you are a Photographer who wants to sell Stock Photos Online and Make Money, then in this article I will give you a review on one of the Best Photos selling app Foap, where you can sell your stock photos for cash.

I know most of you don’t know about this Photo selling platform, as it is not as popular as Shutterstock, istock, Gettyimages, etc. But it is one of the Legit photos selling websites in 2022.

This Foap Platform is also the best photo selling App or website for Average Photographers. So if you are an Average photographer who has chosen photography as a career then this Foap App Review will help you to Earn money from your content.

In this Blog, I will cover some of the most important Questions asked by People about this App. Like Is Foap App Legit? Can you Actually Make Money on Foap? Is Foap Good For Selling Feet Pics?, then How Does Foap Work, and How Much Does Foap Pay to their customers, everything will be covered in this blog, so I request you to read the article carefully.

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Is Foap App Legit in 2022?

Of course, Foap is a Legit app to sell your stock photos Online. It is a great Platform to start turning your photos into real money. The Foap app is the most popular Photo selling App with a 4.5 rating in the Apple store and a 3.3 rating in Google Play.

Foap is a photo-selling app, Where Photographers upload their Stock pics through the smartphone app available on Android or IOS. And Foap brings those Pictures into the eyes of Consumers or the Companies who buy images to use for marketing or personal use.

Most trusted companies in the world use this Platform for their commercial purpose which makes Foap – Photos selling website a Legit website.

Here Companies request Foap for specific types of photos by setting up a mission. Missions are assignments in which One or more photographers win the mission. and they can sell their photos at higher price.

The Pricing on the Foap app is Simple. Customers pay $10 for an image and a license. The creator gets half which is $5 per image, Which is a pretty Good Deal as compared to Other Stock Pictures selling websites like istock.

Just like Foap – Sell Photos Online App, There many other Platforms can be trusted and are legit. And to make it safer it is your responsibility to check the licensing agreement carefully. On Foap, the buyer can do just about anything they want with the photos.

This is what Foap has to say about licensing:

“Photos with a ‘Commercial’ license can be used for commercial purposes. This means that companies can use these photos for marketing their products and or reproduce the photos for selling it, e.g. on the t-shirts, cups, etc.”

Pros and Cons of


  • The Foap app is free to download.
  • Free to join as a Creator.
  • Easy to Use.
  • Easy to Upload photos from your iPhone and Android Phone.
  • You can easily Upload your images in batches.
  • The biggest Advantage of Foap App is they Make your Photos come to the attention of the Biggest Brands in the world.
  • Foap missions offer a way to earn more money.
  • Your Photos are fully protected by the Company, where the Photos are watermarked and displayed at a reduced size until purchased. Which avoids people to copy your Photos and use them on their Blog, or for commercial use.
  • A supportive community where members rate each other’s photos.
  • Foap pays cash directly to your PayPal.


  • Compared to other sites you will feel that the Foap doesn’t pay very well.
  • There is only one payment method, that is PayPal. Where you can withdraw your money earned on Foap Photo Selling Platform.
  • You don’t get paid right away.
  • Not So easy to get pictures sold on Foap, because the competition is very high.
  • You have to add the descriptions and keyword tags to your photos so they can be found by buyers.
  • You’ll lose money if you buy a product to photograph for a mission but don’t make a sale.
  • It may take a long time before you make any sales.
  • No Guaranteed Success.

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How to Download Foap App on Android?

Is Foap Legit
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To download Foap App on Android or Iphone just go to Google Play Store for Android Users and Apple Store for Iphone Users, and search for the Foap App, you will find the App, now click on Install, that’s it the applicaton is downloaded on your Phone. The app Will not ask you to verify the identity with a photo ID.

It is easy to download.

How to Use the Foap App

After Installing this Application it opens onto an Explore page that features Sold Images Gallery. Once you Scroll Down it shows a mix of Pictures in which some are quality stock photos and others are more casual mobile phone shots.

Foap App is easy to use and easy to navigate, you don’t need more Technology Knowledge, even if you are a beginner in using smartphones then also you can use this App.

The next feature of this Foap App is when you click on any image, the Foap app asks you to give ratings to the image which gives photographers some feedback on the quality of the picture.

Once you rate an image, the app immediately shows you another photo. But if you go back and click the image a second time, you will get information about the photographer. You can also see the photo’s rating, and you can add the photo to an album.

Once you get to the photographer’s account you can see the Number of photos they have uploaded on their Foap Creator account, how many images they have sold, and their followers.

Can you actually Make Money on Foap?

Is Foap Legit
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Yes, you can Make Money on Foap App by selling your Photos on their platform. But remember that selling your photos here will not make you rich. Because as I said it is not as popular as Shutterstock, istock, and gettyimages, So most companies or consumers don’t know about this Online photo selling Platform, Though it was started in 2011 still it has not gained much Popularity.

But Still, I would suggest you Create an Account on Foap App and start uploading your photos, who knows, your photos will get attention from Companies and you will earn Millions. Good Luck!

Is Foap good for selling feet pics?

Yes, Foap is a Good Site to sell feet pics online. Most of you were asking this question on how to sell feet pics without getting scammed. So here is the best photos selling platform, Foap, where you can easily upload and sell your feet photos online without any fear of getting scammed, Foap is a site where you can sell your photos to essentially any company that wishes to buy them.

Foap takes 50% of the selling price and while you’re able to set this price yourself, the average is about $10, meaning you’ll likely make $5 per feet pic here.

How to sell feet pics on Foap?

  1. Selling feet pics on Foap is very easy. All you have to do is:
  2. Download the Foap app for free.
  3. Sign Up for a Foap account by providing some basic information.
  4. Now after your account is created the next important step is to research what type or style of feet images are being sold fast.
  5. The next step is to Take high-quality feet photos with your Professional Camera. I would suggest you use a professional camera because those cameras click high-quality images.
  6. Then add your photos to the website. And do not forget to add a description.
  7. The last step is to Set your price.

How to Make Money With Foap?

There are various methods to make money on Foap they are:

Make money by Selling pictures

You can make $5 for each picture you sell on Foap.


You can win hundreds of dollars for a single video or picture, By following Missions given by the Foap App or company.

Conclusion – Is Foap Legit

I hope this Blog helped you to know about the best photo-selling platform Foap. and you have got the answer to your question “Is Foap Legit”. Foap is a legit and trusted website to make money online selling photos. But you cannot make more money from here.

This was all about the Foap App. If you still have any doubts regarding the App, then feel free to contact me. Thank you

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