You are currently viewing Top 10 Best Atta Dough maker for Home on amazon India reviews 2022

Top 10 Best Atta Dough maker for Home on amazon India reviews 2022

Top 10 Best Atta Dough maker for Home – In India Atta/Dough is famous in almost every Indian family. We all see our Mother making the Dough with her hand smashing it, by applying pressure on it, to make Chapatis, Roti, Puri, Bread, etc.

To make the dough requires lots of energy in hand, right? Sometimes we feel sorry for our Mom, that she works so much for feeding our stomachs.

So why not help her in reducing energy while making Dough? So to help her we need to have the Dough maker in our home.

In this blog post, I have shared with you the Top 10 Best Atta dough makers of different types available online on Amazon India 2022.

By referring to these you will be able to buy the best of the best Atta maker for your Mother.

What is the dough or Atta maker?

A dough maker is a Home appliance or a machine that helps in preparing Dough for Roti, Chapatis, and Kneading pizza. There are different types of Dough makers available in the market, but there are only two types which people of India choose the most, they are Manual Dough maker and Electrical Atta maker.

Quick review Table of 10 Best Atta Dough Maker in amazon India

Atta Dough Maker List


Solimo Plastic Atta/Dough Maker


Clearline Automatic Electric Dough Kneader

1 Year

Preethi Master Chef Atta Kneader

1 Year

Inalsa Stand Dough Mixer

2 Years

one-stop-shop Slings Dough/Atta Maker For Kitchen


Darkpyro Dought Maker

5 Year

Prestige Atta Kneader


Buystack Automatic Atta Roti Maker


Primelife Plastic Atta Dough Maker


SaRohi Automatic Atta Roti Dough Maker for Home


How to Choose the Best Atta Dough maker in India – Buying Guide

Before buying The Best Dough maker for kitchen let us have a look on what are the things we should consider before purchasing it online or in near by stores.

  1. Price.
  2. Warranty.
  3. Check whether it is easy to wash.
  4. It should be light in weight.
  5. Dough maker material.
  6. Type of Atta maker you want to buy.
  7. The mixture should be noiseless.
  8. It should have speeding options.
  9. Capacity of the jar/Bowl.
  10. Easy to use.

Top 10 Best Atta Dough maker on amazon India reviews 2022

1. Amazon Brand – Solimo Plastic Atta/Dough Maker

Best Atta Dough maker


Solimo Plastic Atta Dough Maker is designed from 100% food-grade plastic which is free from harmful chemicals like BPA.

It is a Non-Electric Atta Maker for Kitchen, It is safe for everyday usage.

The Solimo Plastic Atta Dough Maker helps you save time and stay free from the mess in the kitchen while kneading dough. You can easily adjust the consistency of the dough for chapatis and parathas according to your requirements with the measuring cups provided for flour, water, and oil.

The easy-to-use design of the dough maker ensures that there are no hard-to-reach areas that facilitate convenient cleaning.

The transparent body of the container ensures that the contents are easily visible.

You can conveniently knead the dough by rotating the handle of the container without making your hands oily and dirty.

This Best Atta Dough Maker can be used for multiple purposes. With the help of 3 different blades, food preparation has been made easier by Solimo Plastic Atta/ Dough maker.


  • Good ratings on amazon.
  • The price is not expensive.
  • Along with kneading dough, you can utilize it for cutting onions, tomatoes, and cabbage.
  • It can also be used for frothing and preparing buttermilk or milkshakes for your family.
  • Easy to wash.
  • Looks small in the image but it isn’t small in reality.
  • To knead the Dough it will take less than 5-6 minutes.
  • Made of premium quality.


  • Made of plastic.
  • Warranty is not given.
  • Lightweight.

2. Clearline Automatic Electric Dough Kneader With Non Stick Bowl

Clearline Best Atta Dough maker


Clearline Dough Kneader is one of the best and most selling Electric Atta maker on amazon India 2022.

The hygienic and Hands-Free Atta Maker helps to turn the laborious chore of kneading flour every day into an effortless and non-messy operation.

If we talk about the Kneader blade it is made of tough material and no amount of throwing on the floor with all your might will break it.

The user-friendly design of the appliance makes it easy to operate and its detachable components make it easy to clean and store.

The dough kneader comes with a 3.0 liter Non-stick coated bowl and an unbreakable kneader blade.

Parts present in this Dough Kneader:

  1. Bowl.
  2. Lockable Lid.
  3. Housing.
  4. Measuring Cup
  5. Base.
  6. Switch / Timer.
  7. Kneading Blade.


  • The machine is compact.
  • One-year warranty.
  • 650 watts for powerful performance.
  • It helps to make atta within 3 minutes and has a 15 minutes automatic timer.
  • The lockable double lid design allows the addition of ingredients even during operation.
  • Light in weight, which makes it easy to carry.
  • The Bowl is made of Aluminium with a non-stick coat.
  • Easy to use.
  • Easy to wash.
  • Easily available on Amazon India.


The price is very expensive.

3. Preethi Master Chef MGA-524 2.1-Litre Atta Kneader

Best Atta Dough maker


We all Have heard of the Preethi brand in the Home appliance category, as it is India’s No 1 Mixer grinder Brand.

Master Chef Atta Kneader helps you in kneading the Atta in 1 minute. This Atta maker is best for working women who do not have much time to cook.

It Includes – Jar of 2.1 liters, a Measuring Cup, Kneading blade, Instructional manual, Customer care list, and Warranty card.


  • The jar is big and sturdy.
  • Time-consuming.
  • One-year warranty on the product.
  • You will get Life Long Free Service: Zero labor charges for products serviced at Brand Customer Care Centre.
  • Highly Recommended.


  • You should have a Preethi Mixer grinder to use this Dough Maker.
  • You need to buy the grinder separately.
  • Noisy.

4. Inalsa Stand Dough Mixer Kratos 1000W

Best Atta Dough maker


The INALSA Kratos Stand Mixer and Dough Hook comes with a powerful 100% Copper 1000 W Motor and multi-function capabilities to serve all your kitchen needs.

The Kratos comes with a large 5.0 Liter stainless steel bowl, 8 Level Speed Control with pulse function enables you to use the stand mixer exactly as per your requirements to turn out the perfect dishes.

The product comes equipped with safety functions which include – Dust Proof Splash Guard, Safety Lock Protection, Overheat Safety Protection, and Anti Slip Feet.

The High-quality stainless steel whisker enables to achieve the proper consistency in a fraction of the time of hand whisking and increases the volume by three to four times.

Kratos comes with a high-quality stainless steel coated dough hook that does an excellent job of kneading stiff dough.

Using this Atta Maker you can make meatballs, pizza dough, mashed potatoes, guacamole, shredded chicken, quick bread and muffins, cookies, meringue, cakes, buttercream frosting, scones, and creative artisan bread.


  • 2 Years Warranty.
  • It takes up almost no space and fits anywhere in your kitchen.
  • Easy to clean, just rinse it out with water or place it in the dishwasher.
  • It has a stylish design with an elegant LED Indicator.
  • When making denser foods such as bread dough, This dough maker is your go-to appliance.
  • Value for money.
  • It has a powerful motor.
  • Easy to turn ON and OFF.


The price is way more expensive.

5. one-stop-shop Slings Dough/Atta Maker For Kitchen

Best Atta Dough maker


one-stop-shop Slings Dough/Atta Maker is made from Virgin plastic in India, With help of this dough maker, you can prepare dough for chapatis, paratha, and tandoori roti in just minutes.


  • Package contents: 1 atta maker, 3 measuring cups (Flour, water, oil), 1 handle.
  • Easy to use and clean.
  • Smooth-rolling handle and easy to operate.
  • Food grade material.


No Cons.

6. Darkpyro Dought Maker – best chapati dough maker

Darkpyro Best Atta Dough maker


Darkpyro’s brings 3 in 1 product which works as an atta maker, vegetable cutter, and beater. The product is made of food-grade materials which try not to corrode or react with food.

It has a dust-proof coating that helps in preventing the surface from chipping and peeling because of which the product looks new for a long time.

The dough/atta maker helps in preparing a fluffy dough for making delicious and soft chapatis, parathas, palas, Puris, and tandoori rotis.

The vegetable cutter helps in cutting vegetables easily without any hassle and assists in preparing salads using cobias, onions, tomatoes, beets, carrots, and so on.

The beater helps in beating eggs, cream, liquidizing tomato soup or dal, and churning milkshake, lassi, and buttermilk.


  • The package contains Bowl, Dough Kneader Blades, Vegetable Cutting Blades, Churner Blades, 3-Piece Measuring Cups.
  • 5-year manufacturer warranty.
  • It does the job well.
  • Durable-lasts.
  • Perfect handle grip.
  • Easy to clean.


  • Made of plastic.
  • Unstable.

7. Kent Atta and Bread Maker for Home.


KENT Fully Automatic Atta and Bread Maker for Home is a must to have a machine at home.

With Kent’s best Atta and Bread, the maker makes fresh bread at home, with one touch.

It lets you choose any kind of Ingredients for preparing your customized recipe.

It is an automatic Kneader that is easy to operate, you just need to select the program and the appliance will do the rest.

This Dough and bread maker is a convenient and hygienic way to prepare dough for Chapatis, Roti, Fresh bread, etc.


  • You can use any kind of flour for preparing fresh and healthy bread.
  • Not only plain and simple bread but various ingredients can also be added to personalize flavors.
  • KENT Bread Maker comes with 19 program menus, so you can prepare different types of chapati and puri atta, cake, jam, pizza dough, sticky rice, etc.
  • This machine has an amazing 550W power.
  • Includes Atta bread maker, dough pan, measuring spoon, measuring cup, kneading panel remover, user manual.


  • The coating is thin.
  • Price is high.

8. Buystack 2 in 1 Plastic Automatic Atta Roti Maker Non-Electric Dough Machine

Buystack Dough maker


Here comes Buystack 2 in 1 Non-electric Plastic Automatic Atta Roti Maker, This Sturdy dough maker does a fine job of mixing the ingredients, saves precious time, Lasts long.

The Plastic dough maker is made of trusty materials. This is one of those tools that would last you so long that it becomes part of your kitchen seamlessly over time, and you wouldn’t even remember when it was included there.

No more pain of making the dough and dirtying your hand. Now there is a Quality kitchen accessory that helps to prepare chapatis’ dough

The product also ensures that it’s safe to use around children as well. NO sharp edges or pointy surfaces to be afraid of.


  • 100% Food-grade Plastic
  • Dishwasher Safe Trusted quality and rich color
  • The comfort grip on the handle is heat resistant.
  • easy to use and clean.
  • Package contents: 1 atta maker, 3 measuring cups (Flour, water, oil), 1 handle.


Not Sturdy.

9. Lifelong Atta and Bread Maker for Home



Lifelong Atta and Bread Maker for Home Is an incredible product that gives you great value for your money, wholeheartedly trusted by their loyal users.

It’s powered with a non-stick removable baking tin for easy cleaning and the compact design ensures easy storage.

It has an exceptional LCD Display that combines 19 pre-set menu options, that include Basic Bread | Quick Bread | Sweet Bread | French Bread | Whole-Wheat Bread | Rice Bread | Gluten-Free Bread | Dessert | Poori Atta | Pizza Dough | Chapatti Atta | Cake | Jam | Yogurt | Bake | Sticky Rice | Rice Wine | Defrost | Stir-Fry.

Lifelong atta and bread makers conveniently prepare chapatis and puris, with their automatic kneading, fermenting, and baking features.


  • 1-year domestic warranty
  • Good reviews by the customers.
  • Easy to operate.
  • its detachable components make it easy to clean and store.
  • This bread maker comes with three loaf sizes options i.e. 500, 750 grams, and 1000 grams.
  • The pan is detachable and easy to remove to take out the bread and to clean the same after use.
  • A handle is also provided to lift the pan.
  • Power: 550 watts. Mounting: Pedestal
  • It Includes – Aata bread maker, Kneading panel remover, Measuring cup, Measuring spoon, and Instruction manual with recipe Book


No cons observed.

10. Home Plus Magic 400-Watt Atta Kneader, Food Processor | Cirtus Juicer | Vegetable Chopper | Whisker

Home plus magic


Homeplus magic dough maker is four In One Machine with which you can knead Atta in just 30 seconds. You can also make delicious shakes, do lots of vegetable chopping, Extract Butter, etc.

It consist of Stong ABS Blade for Kneading, Unique stainless steel chopping blade, Extract Seedless Juice With Ease, Whipping Blade For Making Lassi, Beating Eggs.
making butter etc.


  • Unbreakable Polycarbonate jar for chopping, kneading and whipping.
  • Powerful Motor.
  • Anti-Skid Feet.
  • Super Strong Jar Body.
  • Multi-Speed Operation.
  • Circuit Breaker For Safety.


  • Consumes a lot of electricity.
  • Takes lot of space.

Types of Dough Makers 2022

1. Manual Dough/Atta Maker

Manual Dough maker is a simple designed Atta maker that is made with plastic, the common example for this type is Solimo Plastic product.
Here there are 2 curved blades inside which are connected to the plastic handle.

How does Manual Dough maker work?

To operate this one has to rotate the handle given outside to make the Dough. Most of the people in India choose this type only as it is Non-electric, Light in weight, Not expensive and Works fast.

2. Electrical Atta Maker

This type of Dough maker works on Electricity and is quite expensive. If you are looking for a product that consumes less energy, and time then I recommend you to buy this.

How does this Electric Dough maker work?

Just you have to add the ingredients to it and press start. That’s it, the further it takes care of the entire process.

3. Vertical Cutters

These are used for multiple purposes, such as Chopping vegetables, Kneading dough, etc. But I don’t recommend you buy this, because they do not make the dough smooth.

4. Tilt-head Dough or Atta maker

This is another type of mixer, where the head of the mixer can be tilted up and down to remove and place the ingredients inside.

Here the beater is attached to the appliance that mixes the Dough by itself.

5. Bowl lift designed Mixture

In this type of Dough Maker, the Bowl where you add the ingredients is lifted from the base, and it takes less space in your kitchen.

According to me, it is better than a Tilt head dough maker, because it is stronger, and works fast.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which is best Atta Maker?

– The mixture which consumes less energy, Less electricity and makes smooth Dough is the best Atta Maker. For example – Solimo and Kent Atta and Bread Maker for Home are the Top Picks.

2. What is the price of atta maker?

– The average price of Atta maker in India starts from 300 to 10,000 Indian Rupees.

3. Is Atta Maker good?

– If you are a working women or Man and don’t have time to knead the dough manually to make chapatis, or rotis then the Dough maker will be the best option to knead Atta easily.

4. What is the best dough maker for chapati?

– Darkpyro Dought Maker is the best dough maker for Chapatis.

5. Does dough maker really work?

– Yes, they work.

6. Where to buy Atta & bread maker?

– In this amazon and Flipkart world, why search for the places to buy the bread maker, just order it online on Amazon, or if you want you can visit the nearby market places to buy Atta maker.


In this blog post, I have discussed the Top 10 Best Atta Dough makers available on Amazon India, also I have given all the important features of each Mixture, but if you want to see the latest price I would suggest you visit

Also, I suggest researching more about the Dough maker that you want to buy.

Thank you, for reading this article. If you have any doubts or query then don’t hesitate to ask in the comment section, I will try my best to provide you the answer to your question.

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