Top 10 Best Physics Books for class 11 for NEET, JEE in India 2022

Top 10 Best Physics Books for class 11 for NEET, JEE in India 2022

Best physics books for class 11 – Hey, First of all i want to Congratulate you for passing 10th Standard and stepping into a new world of education that is Class 11 (PUC 1st year).

Which is one of the toughest and the important year, where you will study for the Board and competitive examinations like NEET, JEE, AIMS, etc.

Science is the reason for the creation of this wonderful and suspicious world. Science has many heirs and among them is a visualizing concept known as physics.

Physics Is the lead protagonist in the storyline for serving mankind and other species on the earth, right from how we walk or our existence to balance on the surface is decided by physics

If you try to zoom deep into our everyday to day actions of our life we can find physics everywhere, for example: If gravitational force would have not existed the world would have been and never seen life

if friction wouldn’t exist then we would have collided with each other like gaseous atoms similar to the kinetic theory of gases.

Every action that we perform in our life is related to physics. After completing Your school selecting this wide twisted plot course you need a good reference that can enhance your imagination towards the wide spectrum of the subject Physics.

So to look over your enhancement towards the study of physics I have enlisted some Best physics books for class 11 for iit jee preparation. Also, I have grossly reviewed as Even I have crossed this path a couple of years back.

List of Best Physics Reference Books for class 11 in India 2022

Best Physics Books List




H C Verma

500 Selected Problems in Physics

DC Pandey and Arihant



Physics Book for iit jee preparation class 11 by AMIT GUPTA







DC Pandey







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Top 10 Best Physics Reference Books for Class 11 in India 2022

1. CONCEPTS OF PHYSICS by H C VERMA – best physics book for class 11 JEE

If you are looking to score good marks in BOARD, and crack competitive exams, such as JEE, NEET, etc. then this is one of the best physics theory and Numerical book for class 11.

The book initially begins with an introduction to the world of Physics.

With the concept of Physics and Mathematics then the book talks about kinematics after this the book drives on to a discussion with the concept of Forces.

Newton’s Laws of Motion forth then the theory of Friction like how we can walk is expanded over here.

Concepts are classified in a precise way. Much easier to understand and that’s the reason behind why everyone knows about this wonderful book.

The book features explanations on Circular Motion, Work and Energy.

Next coming to Rotational Mechanics with some of the details of Gravitation, Simple Harmonic Motion, and Fluid Mechanics are covered, and deals with Some Mechanical Properties of Matter and Wave Motion and Waves on a String, with a wide focus on Sound Waves and Light Waves while the book stresses on the Geometrical Optics.

Then elaborates with Optical Instruments and Dispersion and Spectra, Speed of Light and Photometry is discussed in the ending of the book.

What i liked about this Book?

  1. Numericals are conceptual and If you end this book you can start solving competitive questions for IIT and JEE. You may not find a reason for particular answers to some questions.
  2. Problems are enough to make you familiar with concepts but understand them properly before moving ahead and try Solving numerical if you are competing for exams to check your knowledge.
  3. The theory isn’t deeply dugout. Many problems are just formulas based and could ruin your time.
  4. Questions are kind of haunting but, Problems didn’t require much mathematical work except some problems of kinematics or modern physics.

If you are a beginner in the physics world and struggling with many options with ongoing questions then go for it without a second choice.

2. 500 Selected Problems in Physics by DC Pandey and Arihant for JEE Mains & Advanced

Here comes our best physics numerical book for class 11. Cracking JEE Main & Advanced should not only be a goal but its preparation should be initiated right from class 11, its similar to battle only difference is that bloodshed is absent.

It has 16 adventures voyages chapters. A huge collection of the most provoking problems, the above Selected Problems Series accomplished into 3 sets of books, one each for Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics that tackle the dilemma of students to practice needs which occur for their JEE Main and Advanced examination

Competitive exams require a good hold over the principles and concepts of physics in detail with also their applications to solve a variant of problems that appear.

DC Pandey’s, 500 Selected Problems in Physics hosts to reach out to the students in Solving Skill-based problems or kinds of numerical on all basis according to their academic syllabus.

What i liked about this Book?

  1. Solving the problems is kind of an adventure voyage you may be finding it a bit difficult but carrying throughout practice Step-by-Step solutions may be easily graspable and which can enhance confidence in appearing JEE advance and mains.
  2. The basics of physics are the beginning plot of This book that is related to Kinematics, Laws of Motion, Work Power and Energy, Center of Mass, Conservation of Momentum, Collision and Impulse, Rotation.
  3. Then entering to Gravitation, Simple Harmonic Motion, Solids and Fluids, Waves, Heat and Thermodynamics.
  4. And some class 12 topics in advance Optics, Current Electricity, Electrostatics, Magnetics, Electromagnetic Induction, Modern Physics Answers Solutions.


Most of the IIT’ian’s that i have seen referred this book for their Joint Entrance Examination.

B M Sharma’s class 11 physics book can enhance the level of your ability to explore more and more about physics.

The book can also bring a wide interest in joining engineering and other prestigious professions as it can handle your doubts.

Questions that are related in the examination are included in the series of this book that has Subjective, Single Correct Answer, Multiple Correct Answers, Assertion-Reasoning, Linked Comprehension, Matching Column, Integer, and many others.

To hold your concentration towards the physics the book has well correlated with the applications to the root level that can help you grasp you in detail.

What i liked about this Book?

  1. This book is filled with numerous questions and problems from previous year’s papers. That can help students understand the design of the questions reflected in the examination.
  2. It’s a series of books that holds the tendency of conceptual, logical, and consistently related topics.
  3. It has a wide range of illustrative and solved numerical that expose the reader to a wide market of applications. The series is more beneficial as it covers a wide range of material for JEE competitive examination which also covers the class 11 syllabus.

4. Best Physics Book for iit jee preparation class 11 by AMIT GUPTA

The book has been designed according to the need of competitive examination syllabus points and many tiny subtopics are added in the chapters to make the book more weightage of contents.

This version of expressing Physics offers a solid grip of getting inculcating the contents from scratch that is from fundamental conceptual concepts which enhance and enlightens the students to use these conceptual contents into various numerical for problem-solving for different level competitive examinations.

What i liked about this Book?

This book deal covers basic topics on Physics of class 11 Including the following major chapters Units and Dimensions, Mechanics, and Thermal Physics.

An enormous number of miscellaneous problems are included with some solved examples also.

  • The topics which these books hamper are as follows
  • Units and Dimensions
  • Vectors and Elementary Calculus
  • Straight Line Motion
  • Two- and Three-Dimensional Motion
  • Network’s Laws of Motion
  • Friction
  • Circular Motion
  • Work, Power, and Energy
  • Center of Mass
  • Rigid Body Dynamics-I & II.
  • Elasticity
  • Gravitation
  • Fluids
  • Simple Harmonic Motion
  • Mechanical Waves
  • Longitudinal Waves
  • Temperature and Thermal Expansion
  • Heat, Calorimetry, and Heat Transfer
  • The Kinetic Theory of Gases
  • First Law of Thermodynamics

This improved and extraordinary version of the physics reference book in the Competitive section has diversity influenced many students worldwide.


All students’ favorite bite and cool companion this International Olympiad is referred by many great top rank holders, that’s why I have considered this Book in my list of Top 10 Best physics books for class 11.

This book has challenging conceptual questions so don’t directly get started over it without making your basics stronger.

Book is bound with path-breaking, concise and haunting questions in the conceptual and application genre of physics JEE examination.

What i liked about this Book?

  1. The efforts which you invest can cultivate your knowledge which can be utilized in international/national competitive examination as this book clears all the doubts of the JEE aspirants.
  2. Reality of your knowledge can be challenged with the help of this book, so this is the best for your referral purpose if you are gonna battle with the real bundle of hurdles of question.
  3. The numerical are similar to videogames where the difficulty gradually increases as you clear the base levels, which is quite interesting to learn for beginners.

You require aptitude while solving the problems from this book which are useful in boosting your past basic knowledge.


Numericals that reside in this Best Physics books for class 11 for IIT-JEE book have been sculptured according to the need for the real aspirants of JEE – Advanced competitive examination.

Shashi Bhushan Tiwari’s book has covered all the school-level physics hardest problems or numerical. It can enhance your Analytical and Reasoning ability towards the hardest questions.

This book can clear all your fundamentals if you are a nerd slave in physics. It has accomplished all conceptual and analytical contents in detail. This book has goaled to enhance the visualizing ability of students towards the diverse world of physics.

What i liked about this Book?

  1. The questions are of increasing difficulty based on the concept and also on the ability of the student’s skill towards the subject.
  2. Book has a cool franchise waving with two parts, The first part holds Mechanics and Waves then further moves with the second part of the book which has problems on Heat and Thermodynamics, Electrodynamics, Optics, and Modern Physics.
  3. This book has a good collection of subjective problems.
  4. And also has pathfinders which are heartbreaking, haunting, and horrifying but that may help you gain deep knowledge in enhancing higher chances of scoring in competitive examination.

7. UNDERSTANDING PHYSICS by ARIHANT – Best physics theory books for class 11

The Book is the best for someone who loves Physics only for the sake of a board that is theory-related.

This book has a wide range of theories as compared to other books which causes a high weightage of this book.

What i liked about this Book?

  1. A cool number of both numerical, examples and other important related problems are well dissolved in this book.
  2. This book hampers with the long narration of the theory which causes a small disadvantage when speaking with some part of the students as some students prefer numericals as they are the boon in scoring a height of marks in any competition and this subject being maths core related.


The author has highly hampered his precious time understanding the need for the content according to student accommodation.

The team has worked well in designing the greatest output of this book where a student can tackle all the contents without much effort.

This book is less expensive and has fully discussed interesting questions which can help you garn conceptual knowledge about the applications.

What i liked about this Book?

  1. The well-known Physics book for class 11 comprises precise numbers of questions that you need to refer to after solving all other editions then this is the final touchup to your painting that is your JEE examination.
  2. The book is widely researched and analyzed before screening the accurate content of the book in Infront of the students. The unique and new modern way to the approach towards content shows up as all updated and effective content is launched.


Once you read this book you get fed for a quite long time which bounds the unique quality of this book.

The Feynman Lectures on Physics have a cool kind of franchise series of books that are computed very well by Physics professors.

This book, The Feynman Lectures On Physics deals with the Mechanics, Radiation And Heat in its first part the series among the three well-known continuing sequels.

It is well classified which helps the students to get a cool view towards the subject which starts with first few corners of the book carry with the behavior of the atoms and about atoms in general properties, like how all matter is atoms or like the how atoms play a crucial or a leading role in any kind of chemical reaction.

What i liked about this Book?

  1. Then further the book deals with how energy can be converted from one form to another and about the conservation of energy.
  2. Then the book turns towards the fundamentals of nuclei and atoms and then further elaborates on the relationship of physics with other side views of science like psychology, geology, biology, and astronomy.
  3. Brownian theories and Statistical Mechanics along with harmonic oscillators are also explained in detail in this book.
  4. There also exists a quite elaborating and considerable discussion about the two-dimensional rotation of matter and that of space.
  5. The book has a hand some of the contents which can deal with all your doubts related to your competitive aspect.


This Best physics books for class 11 is the best among all books as it is used worldwide by every aspirant who is going to face the toughest competitive examination.

It has a good series which has been a good seller worldwide which keeps up in market also. The classic series has been serving the students in clearing their issues related to the exam point.

Answers and Solutions to the practice exercises have been given at the end after.

The book comprises a wide range of Problems in Introductory Physics containing about 1900 problems with some hints which help you for solving the most complicated ones which have been designed for students studying for the competitive exams in physics.

The book has been divided into six classical parts which cover topics like:

  1. Physical Fundamentals of Mechanics
  2. Thermodynamics & Molecular Physics
  3. Electrodynamics
  4. Oscillations & Waves
  5. Optics
  6. Atomic & Nuclear Physics.

What i liked about this Book?

  1. After the answers & solutions, appendices have also been provided for better comprehension of the concepts discussed in the book.
  2. The unique character of this book is its crucial shade where its way of approach is kind of weird and different which shows its uniqueness. That is it starts its explanation of any content from the elementary level that is from scratch so that every beginner feels at ease with the worldwide ranging series.
  3. Each chapter in the book docks with a curing summary of the principal formulas which are related to principles of physics.
  4. This book boosts your confidence and back towards solving the numerical. Quality and quantity both well compete with each other which makes the user as user-friendly. Also, your calculus knowledge can be scaled towards height.
  5. At the end of each chapter, unsolved practice exercises have been provided to help aspirants revise the concepts discussed in the chapters.
  6. The book may be hard to solve because it shows you are weak with analytical knowledge that is logical and reasoning concepts are weaker so clear your basics.

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Conclusion on Best Physics Books for class 11

So these were the top 10 best physics books for class 11 for JEE and other competitive Examinations.

But before entering into this wide list of books, my suggestion is to grasp a complete knowledge about the prescribed book by the board that is NCERT which can build your fundamentals, basics and make your foundation stronger beyond your imagination.

NCERT can catch your weakness and help you to embrace your mistakes and get through them in detail.

Once you complete your NCERT, select the best book from the above and also ask your Lecturers as they can be the best suggestion provider because they hold good experience in this field of teaching.

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