Top 15 Best Blogging Platform for Writers Free and Paid in 2022

Top 15 Best Blogging Platform for Writers Free and Paid in 2022

If you are a writer and looking to start your online blogging journey in 2022, but don’t know how to start blogging and which is the best blogging platform for writers?, Don’t worry, here I have listed Top 15 best and well-known Blogging platforms in which some are free and paid.

The most famous blogging sites on the internet are WordPress and Blogger, which are used by millions of writers in the world including me, as you can see this website of mine is built on WordPress, as it has lots of features, that helps you to build your online community, helps in building followers, and in customizing your blog.

Make sure to read the entire article on Best Blogging Platform for Writers carefully, because if you miss any single point, then you will miss the important features of those free and paid blogging sites.

Now let us have a look at the topics that we are going to cover in this blog post.

Famous Blogging Platforms Ratings

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The Most Popular Blogging Platform on the Internet 2022

Before proceeding to the List of the 15 best blogging platforms for writers, I want to give you an introduction to the most popular and trusted platforms that have captured the entire blogging world, they are WordPress and Blogger.

Yes, WordPress and Blogger are the most used platforms by beginners and experts, as they are easy to use, easy to manage, and easy way to make money online.

If you are a beginner, who wants to start blogging online, but don’t have money or is not ready to invest in buying Domain and Hosting, for them, Blogger(Which was previously known as Blogspot from google) will be the best option.

Because it is a free blogging platform in 2022, which comes under the well-known company Google. Here you don’t need to buy any domain and hosting, they provide you their free domain name that includes their subdomain (

I also made my debut in blogging from Blogger itself, and after some days I shifted my blog from there to WordPress, because of the fewer features in it, which I will talk about later while reviewing all the blogging platforms.

Make sure to read carefully, and if you are feeling bored reading this, then just click here and it will take you directly to the Reviewing section.

If we talk about WordPress, you will be shocked to know that According to More than 409 million people view more than 20 billion pages each month through them.

The numbers themselves say the popularity of WordPress.

How to Choose the Best Blogging Platform for Writers 2022

I always suggest to choose the platform where you will get the important features given below:

  1. Easy to set up new blog.
  2. No coding skills required.
  3. The most important thing is the blog platform have an option to install plugins.
  4. Safety.
  5. Choose such platform that saves the Backup of your entire website.
  6. Easy to install themes.
  7. Easy to make money online by placing ads on it.
  8. Speed.
  9. Search Engine Optimization settings.
  10. Easily connect or share your blog to social media.
  11. Less expensive.
  12. Flexible.

By keeping all these things in our mind, let’s start the discussion on the best blogging platform for writers.

Top 15 Best Blogging Platform for Writers Free and Paid

1. – Best Blogging Platform for Writers

Medium Best Blogging Platform for Writers
Image Credit – is both a free and paid blogging platform for writers. It is one of the most popular and famous platforms to share your thoughts, stories and even it is a great place to have a backlink of your website or Blog.

It is a community-based website, where you can find millions and millions of readers all around the world.

Here you can post an article or blog post on any topic you like.


  1. It is easy to create an account on Medium, you can use Google, Facebook, or Email to sign up.
  2. They have a membership plan that gives you more features like reading the stories of your favorite writer and it also has an option to help the writers financially.
  3. It is easy to set up.
  4. There is an import tool available on Medium, that imports your blog post from your website to your medium story.
  5. Once you sign up, you will be taken to the settings where you have an option to design your blog, the way you want. This is I think the best feature they have provided to design our blog by ourselves.
  6. You will get a subdomain of your blog like(, and if you want to you can have a custom domain( by upgrading your account.


  • Easy to manage.
  • Easy to design.
  • Free and paid.
  • Millions of traffic to your website or blog.
  • Best place to have a high quality backlink.
  • Your subscribers get email, whenever you publish a new article or story.
  • Easy to connect your social media accounts.
  • You can easily delete or deactivate your account, if you don’t have time to manage it.
  • You can earn money by joining their partner program.


  • There are less features available, they don’t have any option to install any plugin.
  • Can’t change Theme.
  • You cannot run any ads to earn money.
  • You can’t post any affiliate link.


It is totally free to use, but if you want you can upgrade your account, by paying $5 per month or $50 a year.

2. & – Overall Best Blogging Platform for Writers

Wordpress Best Blogging Platform for Writers
Image Credit –

WordPress has now become the friend of every writer because you will not find the features present in in any other blogging platform. WordPress hosts more than 35% of the entire internet, which means that 30-40% of the blogs or websites you see on the internet are built using this Blogging platform.

I use WordPress to build websites because here you will get to download the plugins, themes, and any other software for free. But first, you have to invest around $50 for buying the domain name and Hosting.

But if you are a beginner who wants to start your blogging journey for free, then I would recommend you to go for, as there also you will have access to some plugins, plus you can use 3 GB of storage for free.

Difference between and

  1. is a free and best blogging platform for writers.
  2. is a paid blogging platform.

  1. ‘s free version provides fewer features like only 3 GB storage and fewer plugins.
  2. paid version, here you can install multiple plugins and unlimited storage.

  1. In you don’t need to invest in buying domain name and Hosting, because once you create an account there, you will be provided with the subdomain of your blog whose URL will be(
  2. Whereas in you need to purchase a domain name for your blog and hosting to store your data on the internet. If you are a beginner in blogging then you must go for Hostinger hosting, as they offer a free domain for 1 year and a lifetime SSL certificate with their premium plan, which will cost you around $50.

  1. In you no need to worry about your site backup, as it provides you free of cost.
  2. In you have to take your site backup using any plugins like Updraftplus.

  1. You will not be able to run ads and earn money on
  2. In you can run google ads.


  • Best website builder for blogs.
  • Easy to install.
  • Most of the popular bloggers around the world use this software for building new blogs.
  • easy to manage.
  • Best mobile blogging platform – Here you can write your blog on mobile, as their software is mobile friendly.
  • Both free and paid blogging platform.
  • No setup required.
  • Themes and plugins are available in paid version of wordpress.
  • Easy to write SEO optimized content using plugins like Yoast SEO and Rankmath.
  • You can connect your google site analytics in your wordpress dashboard, with one click.
  • Easy to change theme and customize your blog.
  • Their paid version is not so expensive.


  • The free version of wordpress that is, has a limited storage where you cannot download and install other softwares.
  • You will have a risk of losing your blog anytime, because you do not own it and can remove it if they find you are going against their terms of service.
  • You will not be able to run ads on your free site and make money online blogging.


WordPress does not charge any fee to create an online blog, but you have to pay for buying the domain name and hosting, in which you will get this WordPress blogging tool for free.

Hostinger Hosting will cost you around $50-$100 with a free domain name, SSL, and SSD storage, and it is less compared to other hosting providers.

3. Blogger (Also known as Blogspot) – Free & Best Blogging Platform for Writers

Blogger Best Blogging Platform for Writers
Image Credit – which was previously known as Blogspot is the free platform to create a blog for writers and publishers.

It is totally free, here you no need to give any membership price or no need to buy any domain and hosting. Everything is provided by Google itself.

Blogger was started by Pyra labs in 1999, and later in 2003 Google acquired blogger.

It is a great place to create a blog online for beginners who don’t even know how to write and design a website. Also, you can earn money by placing ads on it.


  1. They have one of the best themes available in their theme section.
  2. You don’t need any password to start, just enter your google account and start creating a blog for free.
  3. They have their backup tool.
  4. You can download or take a backup of your site in one click.
  5. Best place to learn to blog.


  • Free domain and Hosting.
  • Easy to design and customize.
  • Simple.
  • Blogger is the best place to create an information website.
  • You have an option to add any theme you want.


  • You cannot add or install any plugins as you do in WordPress.
  • Although Blogger is controlled by Google, it won’t rank any free blogging site.
  • There are very few templates available.
  • Here you will not receive any further updates.
  • There is a chance of google removing your website anytime if you do not obey their terms and conditions.


Blogger is a completely free blogging site, where you will get a free subdomain, which looks like(

But if you want you can change the subdomain to your domain name, i.e, (, by paying a certain amount to the domain provider.

The domain will cost you around $10 per year.


Wix Best Blogging Platform for Writers
Image Credit – was launched in the year 2006, and now it has more than 110 million users around the world. It is similar to WordPress, where anyone could create a beautiful blog or website, and they don’t need any coding skills, it uses a drag and drop option to create an online website.

Wix is one of the best blogging platforms for writers that offers both paid and free versions on their plan, so if you want you can start your blog for free, and later you can upgrade it.

If you are just like me who don’t like to build or design their blog, then Wix’s artificial intelligence website builder tool is for you, where they help you to customize and build your blog just by answering some questions.


  1. Wix is also the best mobile blogging platform. Its app allows you to write your content from anywhere.
  2. They provide hundreds of professional templates for every category like Travel, Ecommerce websites, Photography, Newspapers templates, etc.
  3. Wix offers 24/7 customer support by phone and email, so if you face any problem on your site, you can immediately contact them and they will help you to solve that problem.


  • Superfast website.
  • Very efficient.
  • Their templates make your blog look more professional.
  • Easy to set up.
  • You can create your website within half an hour, by using the drag and drop option.
  • No coding skills are required to make a website on Wix.


  • You can download and install third-party apps for free.
  • You cannot change the template of your website multiple times.
  • Wix’s free account is very limited, so it is necessary to upgrade your account.


If we talk about Wix pricing, their basic website builder is free, and with a free Wix account, you will get a Wix subdomain that looks like

And if you want you can add a custom domain.

In their website section they have four plans, they are:(Free Hosting)

1. Combo (personal use) price is $14/month – Here you get a free domain, free SSL, for 1 year.
2. Unlimited price is $18 a month.
3. Pro plan pricing is $23/month.
4. VIP plan pricing is $39/month.

Business and ecommerce section:(Free Hosting)

1. Business basic – $29/month
2. Business unlimited – $27/month
3. Business VIP – $49/month

5. – Online publishing platforms for writers

Quora Best Blogging Platform for Writers
Image Credit – is another question and answer websites, just like Medium and Reddit, where you can ask questions on any topic you want and people around the world will answer that question.

It is the best blogging platform for writers, teachers and lecturers to share their knowledge to other people.


  1. Free subdomain.
  2. No hosting required.
  3. Easy to use.
  4. User-friendly.
  5. Best website for creating backlink.


  • Everything is good.


  • Your account or blog will not be under your control, it can be deleted anytime if you miguided the policy.
  • No earning.
  • There are no flexibilities.


Quora is free to use.

6. Jekyll

Jekyll Best Blogging Platform for Writers
Image Credit –

Jekyll is most powerful and highly customizable blogging site written in Ruby language. It is a simple static site generator, which serves best website ideas for organizations and bloggers.

If you are starting your blog for the first time, then i don’t recommend you this platform, as it is not beginner friendly, and not easy to use.


Jekyll builds website the way to want it.
Site generator is free.


No Pros observed.


No CONS observed.


Tumblr Best Blogging Platform for Writers
Image Credit –

Tumblr is another best blogging website for writers, Currently, it has more than 450 million users all around the world. Tumblr is a free blogging site, where you can create your blog and build a community.

Their interface is user-friendly, and building your blog is very easy. Tumblr is just a microblogging platform with social networking features including following other blogs, reblogging, sharing tools, and more.


  • Mobile blogging platform.
  • You can quickly switch between accounts.
  • Sharing buttons.


  • Tumblr is free to use.
  • Great place to have a backlink of your other websites or blog.


  • Don’t have a lot of flexibility.
  • No way to monetize your blog.


Tumblr is a free blogging website.

8. Ghost

Ghost Best Blogging Platform for Writers
Image Credit –

Ghost blogging is one of the most expensive blogging platforms on the internet, that currently costs around $29 per month, which is a huge amount and a beginner can’t afford it.

It is similar to WordPress and was started in year 2013, you can consider it as a new blogging platform with features entirely focused on content writing.

Most other blogging platforms online are hosted on the internet where you have to log in online, but this platform has its software that you can install on your server.


  1. Here they offer hundreds of themes and plugins on site, just like WordPress, It features a two-column interface using markdown and it also offers built-in SEO tools with no plug-ins required.
  2. The best PROS of the Ghost blogging platform is that it is very suitable for writers and authors looking to make their mark.


  • Completely focused on writing content for your blog.
  • Simple and easy-to-use interface.
  • Superfast.
  • Easy to manage.
  • secure blogging platform
  • Written in javascript.
  • Drag and drop function.


  • If you are new to the blogging field then you will find difficulty in the setup of your blog.
  • Expensive.
  • WordPress is better than Ghost blogging platform for writers.
  • There are limited themes and plugins available on Ghost, as compared to WordPress.


Their self-hosted ghost cms are free, but hosting on Ghost is very expensive, as it will cost you around $29/month for the basic subscription If your blog is having traffic of more than 10,000 then the Ghost Pro Business package covers one million views a month that will cost you around $199/month.


Squarespace Best Blogging Platform for Writers
Image Credit –

Squarespace is a new blogging platform, for those who are in the e-commerce business and want to make an e-commerce site. It was first started in the year 2003 and currently, it has millions of websites online.

They have an inbuilt analytics panel that helps you to check the actual traffic to your website.


  1. One of the best things which I liked about this Hosting provider is their beautiful themes, and design that will make your site look professional.
  2. They have their blogging app, so you can write your blog post and publish it on the go.


  • Creating a blog on Squarespace is very easy.
  • Beautifully designed Themes.
  • Best for building e-commerce sites.
  • it has the option of adding RSS feeds.


  • It is a paid blogging site.
  • They offer a free trial but no free plans.
  • There are fewer features in Squarespace compared to Wix or WordPress.
  • The price is quite expensive.
  • If you are a beginner, then you will find it difficult to customize your blog.


According to some reviewers and customers, Squarespace pricing is very high, compared to other blogging platforms. All the paid plans come with customer support.

  1. Personal website plan pricing – $16 per month.
  2. Business plan pricing – $26 per month.
  3. Online store pricing – starts from $26 per month up to $40 per month.


Web Best Blogging Platform for Writers
Image Credit – is a leading website builder and an online marketing services. which was started in 1999. It has served more than 3 million customers around the world. offer a variety of comprehensive solutions with all the important tools a particular website need.


  • 24/7 Customer support.
  • Award winning blogging platform for writers.
  • Drag and drop design.




  1. Website builder – $1.95 first month.
  2. Custom website – $750
  3. Online store – $3.95 first month.
  4. Domain – $9.95


Image Credit –

Substack is a platform that helps writers create their newsletters, but in actuality, it is just a blogging platform with a built-in email newsletter feature that automatically sends blog posts to your subscribers.

Substack blogging platform was founded in 2017 by former chief technology officer of messaging app Kik Chris Best, Hamish McKenzie, and Jairaj Sethi. In 2020, Substack introduced group publishing tools, allowing multiple writers to collaborate on a publication.

This platform makes it simple for a writer to start blogging and an email newsletter that makes money from subscriptions. Writers get a CMS built and a website that can host free.


  1. It has become very popular as a newsletter.
  2. Substack is 100% free to sign up.


Substack is free to use.


Image Credit –

Weebly is one of the free website builders which was launched in the year 2006, and it was one of the first sites to have a drag and drop function.

It has both paid and free versions, in the Free plan you will get 500 MB of storage, fewer features or tools available, and the main cons of this is that Weebly will post their advertisements.

Whereas in the Paid plan, they will offer you unlimited storage plus a free domain name, and lots of other features.


Beautiful and well-designed templates are available, that allow you to build an author’s website without any coding or HTML knowledge.


  • Secure payment.
  • Trusted website or blogging platform for writers.
  • No more pros were observed.


  • The price is very high.
  • The free plan has limited features.
  • You will not find as powerful plugins as WordPress.


Weebly’s paid plan starts from $8 per month. The pro plan costs $12 per month, and their business plan costs $25 per month.


Image Credit –

Jimdo is a german blogging platform and website builder that was founded in the year 2007 by Matthias Henze, Christian Springub, and Fridtjof Detzne.

It is designed in such a way that you can build your website or blog the way you want it, with its drag and drop style.

Jimdo Dolphin is an AI-powered website-builder designed for users who are new to this profession. They use artificial intelligence to get to know about the user’s business and plans then build a website that meets their needs.


  • There is a free image library included in it.
  • Flexible.
  • Mobile optimized.


  • Easy to create a blog.
  • Best online blog creator for writers and beginners.
  • best website builder for blogs.
  • You will find lots of e-commerce store features and tools.
  • Easy to connect to your social media account.
  • This is one of the best e-commerce website creators.


  • Not so good for Writers.
  • Expensive.


If you are looking for an online store, then for the Basic plan the price is $15 per month and for the business plan, it’s $19 per month.

And if you are looking for a blog or website then it will cost you around $9 – 15 per month.


Image Credit –

Typepad is another blogging platform that was launched in the year 2003 October. It is owned by Endurance International Group that offers flexibility, that includes publishing your blog from the browser, or mobile.

This best blogging platform for writers is similar to WordPress that supports design customization with a theme builder for a custom look, and the option for creating or modifying a theme with custom CSS.


  1. Their service is available in different languages.
  2. Customer support is available.


According to some reports, this blogging platform was used by many large organizations like CBC, BBC, etc.


As of 2020, Typepad is not accepting any new users.


They didn’t have any free plan. Their paid plan used to be around $8.95 per month.

15. is an Evernote-powered blogging platform that was previously available for free but now is a paid blogging site. According to me this is the right option for writers.

Before giving more information about postach, have you heard about the app Evernote?. No? Then don’t worry, I’ll tell you that Evernote is one of the top apps available to writers for taking notes.

So if you have an account on Evernote then grants access to it and whenever you write content, story or any blog post it publishes it online.

Evernote is your content writing platform, where you have to write your posts in the app first and then add them to the postach blog. It is very easy to choose the best customizable themes and other add-ons like social media share buttons.


  1. Postach’s unique approach to blogging allows you to store your work in Dropbox, Evernote.
  2. You can easily install themes in one click.
  3. If you have a premium plan then you can upload unlimited content and works.
  4. Very good customer support.


  • You can easily connect your blog with social media accounts, such as Facebook, Google+, Linkedin, Twitter, etc.
    Google analytics integration.
  • The site is fast.


  • Doesn’t have a lot of plugin options.
  • The main reason which I don’t like about this platform is that it offers only 13 theme options.


Plans range from $5 to $250, depending on the number of blogs you need.

In the free plan of this blogging platform, you only have access to one Evernote account, if you want more than that you’ll need to upgrade to the paid version.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is blogging good for writers?

– Yeah, Absolutely if you are a good writer then blogging is perfect for you, because here you can build your online community, and share your thoughts with other people in the world.

2. How do bloggers get paid?

– Bloggers earn money from different ways, Some of them are:

  • Placing Ads like Google Ads.
  • Affiliate marketing.
  • Brand collaboration.
  • Paid ads.
  • Selling courses.
  • Giving deals and coupons.

3. What type of blogs make the most money?

– Insurance, Finance, Business, Blogging, Digital Marketing, Mom blogs, Job blogs are some of the examples that make most money in 2022.

4. What is the best blogging platform?

– WordPress is the best blogging platform for Beginners in 2022.

Conclusion on Best Blogging Platform for Writers

Here is my list of best Blogging platform in 2022 and along with that i have also given for whom it is best for.

  1. Medium – Best for Writers, Publishers.
  2. – Best for content writers, Bloggers, Website creator, Website designer.
  3. Blogger – Best for those who don’t want to invest in domain and hosting.
  4. Wix – Best for building beautiful and attractive website.
  5. Quora – Best for building followers and community online.
  6. Jekyll – Best for blogging experts.
  7. Tumblr – Best for starting your blogging journey as a freelance writer.
  8. Ghost – Best and the most popular blogging platform on the internet
  9. Squarespace – Best for Artists and Photographers.
  10. – easiest blog platform.
  11. substack – Best newsletter blogging platform.
  12. weebly – Secure blogging platform.
  13. Jimdo ( – Best for making online stores.
  14. – Easy to setup a unique blog.
  15. – Best to convert a note into a beautiful blog or website.

I hope this list has helped you to choose the blogging site to start your journey as a blogger.

But I will always recommend you to go for WordPress and if you don’t have money then you can go to Blogger.

If you are looking for the best guide on How to start blogging and make money online for beginners, then I have already written a blog on it where I will help you to build your blog from scratch.

If you are interested, you can just click here and it will redirect you to that post.

Lastly, if you have any questions or confusion related to the Blogging platform, feel free to contact me or write your question in the comment section below, I will reply to you as soon as possible.

Ahmed Shaikh

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